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"An uplifting, real-world handbook to practical acts of kindness."

- Kirkus Reviews

Welcome to the Sting Ops Underground!

Reminder: You were made to change the world.

So what would it feel like to see the impact you can make and know you are making a difference - right here, right now?

Join the Sting Ops Underground to bee the change you wish to see and spread the sunshine one mission at a time.

Join the Sting Ops Underground to access more resources to help you GO M.A.D. (Make a Difference) in your neighborhive!


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Sting Ops Mission Worksheet

Download the FREE PDF printable for your Sting Ops Missions here

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Sting Ops Mission Debriefing

Download the FREE PDF printable for your Sting Ops Mission Debriefing here

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Share your Sting Ops Mission

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness you'd like to share? Send your completed Sting Ops Mission Worksheet to [email protected] so we can share it with fellow cyber-hivers who want to make a difference in fun, new ways.

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"Famous Dave" Anderson, America's Rib King,
Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

"If you are looking to jumpstart your life or your career take these lessons of the honey bee and Bee the buzz in your own neighborhood. Get this book now and devour it—I recommend it highly!"

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