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Feeling isolated?

Are the kids going stir crazy?


We help you make real connection, easily.

Our online courses guide values-centered activities 

from your home & neighborhive.

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Support your organization's connection with

Hive Time! for your team 

This year's events have blurred the lines between work and home life.

Your team doesn't have to feel overwhelmed juggling remote work and kids' distance learning when Hive Time's self-guided activities help create calm in the chaos.

Hive Time! brings work teams and families closer together in a time we all crave real connection with acts of kindness you can do right from home.

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Restless kids are no fun


We know you've already been stuck inside for too long, so don't let your precious home time go wasted.


This time is for growing closer together, not apart. Your family deserves more than feeling alone together under one roof.
Start Hive Time!

Enjoy Our Online Courses, Activity Kits, & Thoughtful Gifts!

Kindness is just a click-away!
Inspiration to make a difference & give more good, all from the comfort of your home.

 Values-Centered Activities

Screen time with a purpose learning lessons that last a lifetime. Our courses go deeper than simply curing boredom.

 Eliminate Stress & Chaos

Our courses can be completed by kids independently so you don't have to juggle work and guiding them through. 

Save Time & Frustration

We provide the content so you don't have to take on extra work of figuring out what to do.

Make Free Time Matter

Hive Time! Helps work teams & families connect to their community with acts of kindness from home 

  • Enjoy peace of mind & a break from the chaos with our values-centered learning, with your choice of video and audio-only formats
  • Skip the running around town & explore deeper connection with fun activities from your doorstep
  • Get more guilt-free you-time without missing out on what your team or family are learning with our supportive online community, Clover & Kind Cafe
  • Experience joy seeing your team & family discover their own ways to be kind & encouraging
Start Hive Time!

Getting Started is Easy

You don't have to wait to begin enjoying the many benefits of Hive Time!


Click the Start Hive Time! button for access to your course immediately- you're moments-away from feeling connected!

Join the Community

Log in to the digital Clover & Kind Cafe and start to connect with other course participants (18+ only)

Feel the Joy (& Fun Times!)

See the magic unfold as your family enjoys spreading the sunshine in your home and community through self-led courses on your own and together

We understand your kids are important, & your time is valuable, too.

We've helped parents like you make peace with kids' time so your home stays happy the whole year through.

Don't let your home time go wasted- make downtime matter and enroll in the Hive Time! course today.

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Your stress-less solution

The library of online videos and audio-only options are delivered in bite-sized bits (under five minutes each), so no matter the length of attention-span, we've got you covered.

Watch or listen from home or on-the-go, and enjoy the peace of mind values-centered activities brings to you, your child, & entire hive! 

Start Hive Time!

Kenna Vallejos

Educator, mother, grandmother

"... this is right on time for parents and educators to continue the conversation around community, hard work, and service."

Charles Davis

Entrepreneur, father

"Many could benefit... including toddlers, teenagers, young and older adults."

Richard Morris

Police chaplain and Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach

"This program can be used by individuals, as well as by organizations that do group community service projects, like Sunday schools, churches, and Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. These acts of kindness can also extend to the workplace and beyond. You will find even more ways to serve others in your community, and encourage them to pay it forward- which in turn, helps make the world a better place, starting in your own backyard."

Home life doesn't have to be overwhelming anymore!


We take care of your kids' time so you don't have the extra work of figuring it out on your own


During times like these, families are struggling to juggle work and kids at home.

We provide activities so parents can stop stressing, and bring joy and order into the new normal


Start Hive Time!

We know you want to be a smart, successful parent.

In order to do that, you need values-centered activities for your kids, and a little more time for yourself. The problem is, now that many regular activities have been cancelled, your home seems chaotic which makes you feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

We understand your kids are important, and your time is valuable, too. We believe this is the time families should grow together, not apart, which is why we have helped parents like you make peace with their kids' time so your home can stay happy the whole year through. 

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Stop stressing, and start enjoying home life with your kids!

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