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Big, Bad Beeple Bumps

by Amanda M. Ferris

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Most American children spend about 3 hours a day watching TV, and an average total screen time of 5 to 7 hours a day. Reading daily to children starting in infancy stimulates the part of their brain that allows them to understand the meaning of and build key language, literacy, social skills, develop empathy and imagination, and can boost vocabulary and reading skills in elementary school. 

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Big, Bad Beeple Bumps

by Amanda M. Ferris












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What experts are saying about Big, Bad Beeple Bumps

"Author Amanda Ferris has written a (right on time) book for parents and educators to continue the conversation around community, hard work, and service. This will also translate into developing the traits of a value-based leader.

"Beeple" is a word that could be used to create a climate & culture in a classroom, school, or home; learning about bees and why are each one of us are needed for continued growth. I've read thousands of children's books over my 22-year educational career; this style of story & learning using relatable context, is by far the most valuable way to share books, life, and lessons with kiddos." 


- Kenna Vallejos M.Ed.

Founder of  Ed-ge, Educator, Leader, Practitioner