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Meet Amanda 

Amanda Ferris is an author and international business woman from Minnesota, USA. Always keen to create impact, her start in the childcare and hospitality industries led to over twenty years in operations management and corporate training. Amanda now advises both established and startup companies worldwide while serving as the managing director for Clover & Kind.

As a performance consultant and executive coach, Amanda has led commercial marketing & operations initiatives, strategic partnerships, and supported organizations conducting research & development for innovation funding. This includes winning the UK Department for Education Nesta Edtech Grant working on the Innovation Team at Edval Education.

Mandy is known for her quick-witted humor, creativity, and passion to drive results. Certified Mental Health First Aider, she is a dedicated advocate for Workplace Wellbeing, raising awareness about mental health issues, and providing practical support tools for business leaders and individuals. Amanda's commitment to lifelong learning and the pay-it-forward philosophy leaves traces; as an alumnus of the program, she volunteers with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based organization that helps high school students prepare for their future careers and entrepreneurship. When she isn't working, you can find Amanda soaking up the outdoors, exploring flavors, & taking on new adventures around the globe.


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What clients are saying:


Dr. Lisa Lovelace, Owner, Synergy eTherapy

"Amanda is kind, engaged, passionate, organized, communicative and easy to work with. She takes her work seriously but has fun doing it!

Before hiring Amanda, my business was all in my head and that is clearly not a great idea. If I was to be out, the business could not run. She has taken a lot of stress off my plate knowing she is there to learn and engage as needed. Now I feel more confident that if I were not in my business for a bit of time that it would run smoothly.

Amanda will help you get organized and find work flows that fit your personality, business structure and needs. She'll listen intently to who you are and what you know and turn that knowledge into function for your business to run smoother and your team will feel more confident coming into any aspect to learn the ropes faster and with ease. This experience has been fabulous, consistent, helpful and meaningful.

The ideal person who would benefit from working with Amanda is someone who is open to learning, open to letting go of certain functions, communicative and engaged in their business. Amanda has a wonderfully fun personality, so I think she may work best with someone who isn't too overly serious or strict in their mannerisms, but someone who is flexible and can enjoy the work and change in the business flow together."

William Chilton, Owner, Man & Dolly

"Amanda was amazing to work with! From her responsiveness to the quality of effective communications, it was very easy to work with her.

She went above and beyond with me because I wasn't always sure exactly what I was looking for at all times, since I just had a rough idea at most. If she has the availability to work with you, Amanda will be your best bet!"

Dr. Daniel Sipple, D.O., FABPMR, DABPM Founder, Acies Medical LLC

"Amanda is timely with deadlines, prompt, diligent, forward thinking, anticipates matters and takes appropriate initiative to address.

She is positive, driven, and smart. Amanda made sure objectives were met to advance market research. 10 out of 10 satisfied- I recommend her; she walks the walk, A+ Personality, highly social, reads people well, is a self starter, and resourceful."

Nicholas Kedrowski, Owner, Five Skies Training & Consulting, LLC

"If you have a goal in mind but are not sure how to get there, Amanda could be an ideal navigator as you move forward.

Most resources I've tried in the past were more band aids or piecemeal and I found what I found through random searches. Amanda brought a more knowledgeable way to find the tools that would provide the most help.

[She helped us learn] a number of applications that are there to make our workload easier and more efficient that we had no idea even existed. We have a long way to go but now we know the path we need to follow, a map to that goal.

I would recommend Amanda has a good knowledge base and is very straightforward about options and is clear on expectations. She was quite flexible and responsive to our scheduling needs and we would be interested in working with her again.

I think anyone wanting to take full advantage of a virtual presence but with little knowledge of who to go about it would benefit [from working with Amanda]. You just need to describe what you want to accomplish and Amanda was quite able to offer options to achieve solutions."

Chris Cooper, Founder, Director of Innovation Neomatrix

"Over years, Amanda has been reliable, friendly & flexible. She has a clever business mind and eye for detail.

Amanda began in remote support, but advanced as we threw challenges her way. Amanda worked on several projects simultaneously in UK, Australia, & USA, like grant funding applications, press releases, ebooks, webcopy, coordinating training events etc.

Amanda has been great. She is very professional, hard working and very sharp on marketing. All her copy has been spot on and compelling. She knows her market well and her creativity is refreshing.

She fixed 'holes' in our marketing & sales, training, accounting, CRM, internal team and client support, while working multiple time zones. She covered customer email automation, new client onboarding, internal process documentation, innovation department initiatives and more. I’m happy with Amanda's business services and exceptional copywriting. She is very responsive to communication and support needs, and I happily recommend her to any project."

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Explore how your business can benefit by working with Amanda

Raving fans are saying:

"Famous Dave" Anderson, America's Rib King,

Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

"A number of years ago I met a very enthusiastic young lady who a brightened up every room she walked into but like all of us I watched her go through some very difficult challenges and adversities in her life. Up to the present, I was encouraged to find out that Amanda Ferris much like myself had used her adversities to come to deeper more meaningful understanding of her own true self. Amanda’s book YOU: The Sting Operative was not only a very encouraging and inspiring read—it hit the most important breakthrough awareness truth that I had come to understand in my own life—if you want to change things in your own life become obsessively devoted to bettering the lives of others!

We live in changing and challenging times and having served The White House with a Presidential Appointment by President George W. Bush, I served as Assistant Secretary in the United States Department of Interior and I came back from Washington DC understanding this one unfortunate thing, that our government in Washington DC while the greatest in the world is gridlocked and that the real strength of America has always been that each one of is so important to what happens in our own community or as Amanda so aptly describes as our own hive. We all matter and you can make a difference in more ways than you ever imagined.

If you are looking to jumpstart your life or your career take these lessons of the honey bee and Bee the buzz in your own neighborhood. Get this book now and devour it—I recommend it highly!"

Richard M. Morris, Texas Deputy Constable,

Police Chaplain, and Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach

On "YOU: THE STING OPERATIVE- 100 Tactics to Change the World, Right From Your Own Neighborhive"

''This book contains 100 different ways that we can show love in our communities with acts of kindness towards our neighbors. The projects can be used by individuals, as well as by organizations that do group community service projects, like Sunday schools, churches, and Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. These acts of kindness can also extend to the workplace and beyond.

''My hope is that you will find even more ways to serve others in your community, and encourage them to pay it forward--which in turn, helps make the world a better place, starting in your own backyard.''

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