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Amanda Ferris is an author and international business woman from Minnesota, USA. Always keen to create impact, her start in the childcare and hospitality industries led to over twenty years in operations management and corporate training. Amanda now advises both established and startup companies worldwide while serving as the managing director for Clover & Kind.

Amanda leads commercial marketing & operations initiatives, strategic partnerships, and supports organizations conducting research & development for innovation funding. This includes winning the UK Department for Education Nesta Edtech Grant working on the Innovation Team at Edval Education.

Mandy is known for her quick-witted humor, creativity, and passion to drive results. Splitting her time between Australia, the UK, and USA, her dedication to lifelong learning and the pay-it-forward philosophy leaves traces; as an alumnus of the program, Mandy volunteers with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based organization that helps high school students prepare for their future careers and entrepreneurship. When she isn't working, you can find Amanda soaking up the outdoors, exploring flavors, & taking on new adventures around the globe.


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