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"We can take difficult topics seriously, but let's not forget our humanity or need for levity when we do."

- Amanda Ferris

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Lisa Marie Graves

CEO Legacy Coaching, Women's Legacy Conference

 "Amanda is a champion and did an amazing job- thank you for giving your all!"

Miriam B.

Food & Drug Agency Professional

"KUDOS to our organization for providing this to our employees, I am glad I attended!"

Peggy W.

Author, Healthcare Practitioner

"Amanda inspires with her encouragement- her coaching clients are very lucky! She helped me see I have another book in me, which I didn't think was possible until she spoke- thank you!"

Rachel Gooding

Marketing Director of Big Fish Enterprises and the CHIROLife Conference
"10 out of 10, Amanda is an absolute delight. I so admire her passion, drive, compassion, and imagination. I have worked with her closely in the past and always look forward to partnering with her whether it be at an event or community outreach. 
We had an amazing response to Amanda's talk at the CHIROLife Conference. Not only did she bring the energy, but she got the crowd to reflect and engage. Her vulnerability is sharing her own stories was so impactful and meaningful to the attendees as it enabled them to be vulnerable and honest when breaking off into their own groups to discuss Amanda's questions. 

After partnering with Amanda several times for community events and marketing campaigns, we knew she would be a great addition to speak at our CHIROLife Conference. Amanda has a talent for bringing energy while being thought provoking, informative, and a great listener. 

Amanda is amazing at everything she does. I would recommend her consulting or speaking to anyone who is looking to find more joy in their life! Amanda is perfect for helping organizations help their employees reach their full potential and speaking engagements! 

Through Amanda's speaking and consulting, she is able to help people realize what is holding them back and what is allowing them to succeed. Having time to discuss and uncover both these positives and restraints are so important to help people reach their goals and true potential. Having a consult with Amanda was the first time I had experienced such program. Amanda is amazing on connecting with any person and making them feel comfortable and heard. For this reason she excels at what she does and we are so grateful for her."

Katelyn S.

Student, Minnesota Business Venture Summer Camp

"Thank you so much for speaking at MBV! Amanda's story was encouraging, funny, and motivational."

Jonathan P.

Student, Minnesota Business Venture Summer Camp

"The enthusiasm with which Amanda presented was noticed immediately, and I appreciated the liveliness of her presentation."

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Amanda Ferris is an author and international business woman from Minnesota, USA. Always keen to create impact, her start in the childcare and hospitality industries led to over twenty years in operations management, leadership development, and corporate training. Amanda advises both established and startup companies worldwide as a consultant and executive coach, while serving as the managing director for Clover & Kind.

Active member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), Amanda is currently a second-year student of AATH's Humor Academy in the process of becoming a Certified Humor Professional (CHP). As host of The Goal Next Door Podcast, Amanda explores a dynamic range of topics with experts around the world to help us get out of our head and create REAL connection anywhere.

Amanda delivers talks both virtually and in-person about mental wellbeing in the workplace, overcoming imposter syndrome, and creating a genuinely meaningful corporate culture using humor and kindness.

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