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Harvard Business Review research concludes that coaching boosts productivity by 44%

ICF-commissioned study claims coaching clients report a median ROI of 788%

MHA (Mental Health America) 2022 Mind the Workplace Report highlights recent data, statistics, and benefits related to employer responsibility to employee mental health in 2022

Have you wondered why you aren't achieving the success you desire? 


You are not alone, and you are not broken.


We all have blindspots that stand between where we are right now and where we want to be.

We're here to help you and your organization experience measurable improvement, keeping each person's wellbeing and performance in mind.

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We CAN talk about mental wellbeing at work without it turning into group therapy


We help take the guesswork out of improving your workplace's mental health readiness with science-backed tools and expert resources on-demand


During times like these, we know mental health is important but it can be confusing to know how to appropriately address it at work without crossing lines or causing additional challenges.

We provide person-first coaching and holistic mental wellbeing resources so you can stop stressing about mental health and work performance, so you can enjoy measurable improvements as you become more equipped to support yourself and team.


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Get All Clear for Success

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Rachel G.

Marketing Director, Big Fish Enterprises

"Amanda helped me uncover the things and feelings that hold me back from being my best and truest self. She offered great ideas and tools to help me reflect during times of emotional and mental weakness. When I find myself wanting to react quickly or what might be seen as 'irrationally' I use those tools to help me make the right decision with a clearer mind. Amanda is amazing at everything she does. I would recommend her consulting or speaking to anyone who is looking to find more joy in their life! Amanda is perfect for helping organizations help their employees reach their full potential and speaking engagements!"

Sean H.

Government Program Manager

"... It opened my mind to things that I need to follow up on and further explore the origins of those negative thoughts to move forward."

Jessica B.

Government Agency Manager

"Amanda, thank you so much for this and for sharing your story and resources. Very timely and needed."

Karen G.

Administrative Professional

"Reminding staff of the availability of services is important. And, yes, life can be rough for even that person that seems to have it all together--males as well as females. This program helps us all be alert for opportunities to show that we are good human beings. Thanks for being so transparent."

Lisa H.

National US Regulatory Agency Employee

"This was so helpful, especially as we prepare to return to the office. Thank you, Amanda!!"

Nicole B.

Government Health Program Director

"I appreciate these topics being covered- applaud our organization for sprinkling this content in."

How Much is Mental Health Costing Your Business?

All Clear helps individuals and teams identify mental blocks that hurt performance and stifle core competencies which impact your success and bottom line.


  • Identify your organization's top risks to performance and mental health by shifting AWARENESS into ACTION so your employees and business benefit from the measurable success clarity brings
  • Experience peace of mind when you create & implement a Mental Health Readiness Plan for your workplace, including each stakeholder from team member to community
  • Be confident your mental health initiatives are making an impact and avoid becoming a 'tick-box culture' with our science-backed measurement tools
  • Stop guessing what will work for your team's mental performance and wasting money on things that ultimately don't improve wellbeing or success metrics
  • Be prepared to handle a mental health challenge or crisis with your employees or customers so everyone remains safe and has quick access to the support they need
  • Improve your organization's leadership competencies, operational efficacy, and increase psychological safety using a research-based approach to discussing mental wellbeing with your team each day
  • Stand out as a preferred empathetic employer and conscious corporate citizen
Get All Clear Coaching Program

Measurable results are important, & mental wellbeing is critical to your business' success

We've helped professionals like you get all clear on mental strengths to achieve greater success and get out of their own way.

Don't let your strengths unconsciously derail your goals- learn how to leverage your unique gifts and enroll in All Clear Coaching today.

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The library of on-demand videos and audio-only options are delivered by topic so you can navigate learning modules based on your unique needs, whenever it best suits your schedule.

Access your private online portal from work, home, or on-the-go, and enjoy more clarity exploring coaching modules at your own pace to achieve the success and satisfaction you deserve.

Get All Clear Coaching Program

Support your organization's performance & mental wellbeing with All Clear for your team 


Go from sub-par results to greater mental clarity for operational success.

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